Presidents Letter

Dear Prospective Client:

Our approach to serving our clients is very personalized. We first seek to understand the long and short term goals or our clients with absolute clarity. Together, we then develop an action plan.

We guide you to the next place in your life. As your guide we navigate you through each and every step along the way. Identifying potential options, with vision and decades of experience.

The hotel industry, like every other segment of the economy, has seen spectacular growth in the last two decades, despite the roller coaster ride that began in 2008. One thing is for sure that one universal constant is "change".

As business strives to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economic environment, I am confident that Innvest Hotel Brokers are uniquely positioned to overcome those obstacles and identify opportunities. It's about doing the "right thing" being responsible and caring with an "at your service" attitude. In a time when many brokerage firms find it harder than ever to close deals, Innvest Hotel Brokers continue to deliver results.

As you will see throughout this website, Innvest Hotel Brokers has history, expertise and an unparalleled commitment to personal service. It is our mission to serve our clients as we unlock opportunities the results are ...... closed transactions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering Innvest, as your broker of choice. I wish you a successful and prosperous future, and hope that we may have the privilege of contributing to your growth.

Deirdre Ventura, CHB
Certified Hotel Broker
Innvest Hotel Brokers, LLC
Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. 11724